Call for Papers

Deadline: 1st of July 2018

Areas of interest

The 5th Space-Terrestrial Internetworking Workshop 2018 (STINT) is part of the Space-Terrestrial Internetworking Workshop series. The call for papers can be found here: STINT 2018 CfP

The Space-Terrestrial Internetworking Publications Workshop (STINT) addresses emerging technical topics related to data exchange between and amongst space-based and terrestrial network nodes. Such communications systems accept space assets as first-class nodes performing common network functions including stateful packet inspection, routing, management, and security. Full research papers are solicited for the protocols, applications, and operational concepts required to make these internetworks both technically feasible and operationally deployable. Specifically, STINT-PUBS welcomes researchers and practitioners in the following areas.

  • Modeling and dynamics of mobile space-based for optical\RF networks
  • Autonomous configuration and control of network nodes
  • Protocols, applications, and concepts for network management
  • Adaptive networking technologies (e.g., SDN, ICN)
  • Delay- and disruption-tolerant networking
  • Store-and-forward routing, congestion modeling, and topological synchronization
  • Deep Space Networks and the solar system Internet
  • End-to-end security services across an internetworking overlay
  • Commercial/scientific/government mission concepts enabled by internetworks
  • Optical network availability, resilience and survivability
  • Optical network using photonic integrated circuits
  • Optical time and frequency transfer

Further information

Submission closes on the 1st of July 2018.

All contributions will be indexed in the IEEE Xplore data base. See for further submission related details the paper submission information.