STINT Workshops Series


The Space-Terrestrial Internetworking Workshop (STINT) hosts relevant discussions regarding strategies to model, systematize and automate the operation of complex distributed and networked space missions in the near-Earth and interplanetary domains. Without the solutions and approaches presented at the STINT workshop, such missions would otherwise be very difficult, unsafe, expensive and/or error-prone to operate.

The STINT workshops occurs on an annual basis in an international scale since 2014. In general, STINT is hosted within IEEE SMC-IT (bi-annual conference) and IEEE WiSEE (annual conference). When possible, and thanks to the collaboration of the organizers, STINT is held twice in a year, in distant parts of the world. When this happens, we vary the flavor of the workshops between fundamental and applied research.

  • 8th edition, 2021
    • STINT: workshop, Pasadena, CA, USA -virtual- (July)
      Colocated with IEEE SMC-IT.
  • 7th edition, 2020
    • STINT: workshop, Vicenza, Italy -virtual- (October)
      Colocated with IEEE WiSEE.
  • 6th edition, 2019
    • STINT: workshop, Pasadena, CA, USA (July)
      Colocated with IEEE SMC-IT.
  • 5th edition, 2018
    • STINT workshop, Huntsville, Alabama, USA (December)
      Colocated with IEEE WiSEE.
  • 4th edition, 2017
    • STINT-PUBS: Publication workshop, Montreal, Canada (October)
      Colocated with IEEE WiSEE.
    • STINT-DEMO: Demo workshop, Alcal√° de Henares, Spain (September)
      Colocated with IEEE SMC-IT.
  • 3rd edition, 2016
    • STINT workshop, Aachen, Germany (September)
      Colocated with IEEE WiSEE.
  • 2nd edition, 2015
    • STINT workshop, Orlando, Florida, USA (December)
      Colocated with IEEE WiSEE.
  • 1st edition, 2014
    • STINT workshop, Laurel, Maryland, USA (September)
      Colocated with IEEE SMC-IT.