2022 Edition

The 2022 Space-Terrestrial Internetworking Workshop was held at the 10th IEEE International Conference on Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments (WISEE 2022)

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STINT was runned in full on-line mode, and the access wass open and free for anyone to join. Register here to receive relevant updates: link.

Keynote Speakers

David Evans
(ESA’s spacecraft operations engineer)

Yosuke Kaneko
(IPNSIG Chairperson, JAXA)


Full Papers Session
Accepted full-papers will be published in IEEEXplore
Paper submission deadline: Jul 31st
(follow WiSEE’s Submission Guide)

Expert Talks Session
Experts in selected topics will share latest upates and demonstrations
Expert talk proposal deadline: Aug 10th
(contact us)

Panel Discussion Session
Live debate with audience participation on space networking hypothesis
Discussion topic proposal deadline: Aug 10th
(contact us)

Scope and Overview

The Space-Terrestrial Internetworking (STINT) Workshops addresses emerging technical topics related to data exchange between and amongst space-based and terrestrial network nodes. Such communications systems accept space assets as first-class nodes performing common network functions including stateful packet inspection, routing, management, and security.

Bringing together some of the most influential members of the field of data transfer between space and terrestrial nodes via delay-tolerant networks with time-varying topologies, STINT seeks contributions with a clear focus on packetized, multi-path, and multi-hop data exchange between and among space-based and terrestrial (plus planetary) network nodes.